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AW Packing Material Co.,Ltd has been speciallized in the production of air cushion film,air pillow,air pad,inflatable packaging bag,protective packaging bag,air bag and other kinds of packaging material for many years. AW Packing Material Co.,Ltd is equipped with advanced equipment and automatic assembly line, also can design according to the needs of customers.
Quality is our priority and your satisfaction is what we are striving for. Till now our products have been exported to USA,Canada,Germany,Italy,France,
Switzerland,Sweden,Finland,Netherlands,Australia,Saudi Arabia,Singapore
,Malaysia,Thailand,South Korea and other countries and regions. You can rest assured of our guaranteed quality and our good after-sales service.
Our mission is providing the innovative, cost effective and environment protective packaging solutions to the world. 
AW Packing Material Co.,Ltd is your best safety packaging partner for product transportation ! 


Most frequent questions and answers

YES, Air pillow 20X10cm means the uninflated size, the length and width will have 2~2.5cm shrinkage after inflated.

air pillow’s load pressure every bag 50kgs≤n≤70kgs; wrapper’s load pressure every piece 80kgs≤n≤110kgs.

Air pillow for void fill,available size: 200×100, 200×130, 200×150,200×200. Air bubble and tube types for bracing and wrapping protect, available size of air bubble 400×285 mm,400x330mm,400x160mm,600x320mm,600x400mm,
800x320mm,800x400mm.Available size of air quilt 400x 320mm,400*250mm,400*140mm. Available size of small tube:400*150mm.

Air pillow in all sizes are for box insider void filling. Bubbles,quilt and tube series are for wrapping protection. For better suggestions, please contact us.

Yes, both  AWPACK-004 and AWPACK-005 machine can inflate all types of air cushion film. The maximum film width AWPACK-004 can inflate is 600mm,maximum film width AWPACK-005 can inflate is 800mm.

All machines have one year warranty.