Your best choice of air cushion machine

How to inflate the air cushion film? The air cushoin film used for express logistics transportation are usually in a roll shape before being inflated, and the volumn is very small. One roll contains thousands of inflatable bags but will not occupy too much storage space. A air cushion machine is required to inflate air into film with heat sealing.

The air-filled bag is quickly heat-sealed after being inflated by the air cushion machine, and the air is firmly sealed in the bag to form a bubble pack. It has good cushioning and shock absorption performance, and the filling of the gap in the box can save more packaging materials.

Regarding air cushion machine,we would like to suggest you our best seller AWPACK-004 and AWPACK-005. The speed of AWPACK-004 is 10 meter/minute,can inflate film with up to 600mm,suitable for small shop to use. AWPACK-005 is 28 meter/minute,can inflate film with up to 800mm,suitable for big factory to use. Both of them can inflate air pillow,air bubble film,air quilt film.

Air cushion machine
Air cushion machine
air cushion machine
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