The advantages of air cushion film

We believe that every merchant that handles fragile products such as glass and ceramics has many troubles such as product damage. Because these products are too easy to damage, they cannot afford violent sorting and long-distance bumpy transportation.Therefore, the merchant has to resend a brand new product to the customer, which will not only cause a direct economic loss to the merchant, but also bring a bad user experience to the consumer, and even cause the loss of customers.

Therefore, the majority of merchants have chosen a new type of air cushion film with strong protection performance as a packaging material. Because it has following advantages:

1. Protection
The single air cushion film can bear up to 120kg of pressure,which can protect the goods from collision and shock.
2. Appearance
The inflatable bag is not only neat and beautiful, but also gives the customer a fresh and refreshing feeling to leave a deep impression.
3. Environmental protection
The inflatable film is made of 99% air with 1% PE film,which saves a lot of packing material and can be reused.
4. Save Cost
The air cushion film is very simple and convenient, a single air cushion machine can be operated by one person, saving manpower and material cost. The storage space is small and the cost is low. At the same time, it can also achieve a shock-proof cushion that does not leak for a long time of three to six months. There is no worry about damage to the product, and the cost of resending goods is also eliminated.

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