The main types of air cushion film

Air pad

It has entered the era of e-commerce in 21st century, which is also a period of rapid development of express logistics. With the rapid development of logistics, the safe transportation of goods has become more important , many companies don’t know good transport and packaging methods,the goods are seriously deformed and damaged when received by customers, which seriously affects the company’s image.

Now many enterprises have adopted air cushion packaging, which successfully solved the transport problem of high damage rate and return rate.This kind of air cushion film is mainly used for filling the gaps during packaging, buffer protection. Now we would like to introduce the air cushion film to everyone,Its main types and sizes are as following.

1. Air pillow

Size Thickness Qty/Roll Weight Packing Detail
200*100mm*300M 20um 300M/ROLL 2.5KG 4 rolls/ctn
200*130mm*300M 20um 300M/ROLL 2.5KG 4 rolls/ctn
200*150mm*300M 20um 300M/ROLL 2.5KG 4 rolls/ctn
200*200mm*300M 20um 300M/ROLL 2.5KG 4 rolls/ctn
air cushion film

2 Air bubble film

SizeThicknessQty/RollWeightPacking Detail
400*285mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
400*320mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
400*160mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
600*320mm*300M20um300M/ROLL7.1KG2 rolls/ctn
600*400mm*300M20um300M/ROLL7.1KG2 rolls/ctn
800*320mm*300M20um300M/ROLL9.4KG2 rolls/ctn
800*400mm*300M20um300M/ROLL9.4KG2 rolls/ctn
air cushion bubble bags

3. Air quilt

SizeThicknessQty/RollWeightPacking Detail
400*320mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
400*250mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
400*140mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
air cushion bag

4. Small tube

SizeThicknessQty/RollWeightPacking Detail
400*150mm*300M20um300M/ROLL4.9KG2 rolls/ctn
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