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The main types of air cushion film

Air pad

It has entered the era of e-commerce in 21st century, which is also a period of rapid development of express logistics. With the rapid development of logistics, the safe transportation of goods has become more important , many companies don’t know good transport and packaging methods,the goods are seriously deformed and damaged when received by […]

The wide range of application of air cushion film

With the continuous social and economic development, product packaging has become the primary choice for product delivery. The position of inflatable packaging products is getting higher and higher. The main reason is the function of inflatable packaging products. Because the air cushion film is filled with air, it is light, has the functions of sound […]

The advantages of air cushion film

We believe that every merchant that handles fragile products such as glass and ceramics has many troubles such as product damage. Because these products are too easy to damage, they cannot afford violent sorting and long-distance bumpy transportation.Therefore, the merchant has to resend a brand new product to the customer, which will not only cause […]

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